ABG - Fuelled by personality

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In a role where personality is key, we gave a group of Rental Sales Agents a car full of cameras, and an iPad full of questions and told them to drive. The result was a video that perfectly illustrated the kind of strengths, personality and mindset you need to succeed at Avis Budget Group. The video was the focal point for the Fuelled by personality campaign. A campaign that reduced time to hire by 34 days (due high quality candidates), and RPO spend by 100%. The video also won the CA3 award for ‘Most clips cut out of a video. Ever’. You’ll understand why when you watch it.

The most important role at Avis Budget Group (ABG) is Rental Sales Agent (RSA). They are pivotal to the success of the organisation. They are the front line. The face of the business. And, through great development & training, many of them go on to be the future leaders of ABG. Because of this, attracting the right talent with the right skills and strengths is imperative.

We ran focus groups in key rental stores, and spoke to ex-RSAs who’d built successful careers within ABG (over 40 people in all), to understand what strengths made them successful RSAs, and led them to progressing within the business. There were a number of key strengths that they all possessed and one thing they all had in common – a big personality.

We used this research to underpin our entire campaign and create a consistent story from first point of contact all the way through to application and assessment. Every piece of comms reached out to the right type of talent, with the right type of skills. And that all important personality.

And the video, or videos as there were four different shorts, were what underpinned the whole campaign, across social media, job boards, website and ATS. They allowed the RSAs to showcase their strengths and prove that this role is truly Fuelled by personality.

The results are no shrinking violet either. The campaign achieved a 30% increase in applications and job posts had over four times as many click-thrus as competitors on Reed. ABG also saw a reduction in time to hire due of 34 days due to the quality of candidates, and a 100% reduction in RPO and agency spend to boot. Or in the boot, as it’s ABG.