Trustford -
IC with a purpose

#internalcomms #strategy

We all know a robust internal communications strategy is key to IC success, but how that strategy aligns with the overall business strategy and goals is just as important. We were lucky enough to take TrustFord on that journey, working closely with their Internal Communications Manager we supported them with the development of a definitive IC purpose and a comprehensive IC strategy that linked back to their Purpose, Principles and Ambition – to help them drive the standards in customer care.

Having worked with TrustFord for a number of years now, it’s safe to say we know the business inside and out. So, when we were asked us to help develop their internal communications strategy we were thrilled to help.

TrustFord currently manage a multi-channel approach (like any forward-looking business) to communicate and engage with their colleagues. But, what the great channels lacked was an understanding of how they played their part in supporting TrustFord’s long-term business goals. Our role was to define that strategy.

The project kicked off with a review of current channels and activities, plus discussions with key internal stakeholders. We then spent a day (in a very lovely location) with TrustFord, analysing their business strategy, values and objectives in order to ensure our IC strategy not only aligned with them, but also helped TrustFord achieve them. The result was a clear and concise IC strategy that accurately reflected the aspirations for Internal Comms at TrustFord, and a plan on how to deliver them – who said you need to be a creative to be creative!