Audley way

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Our brief: Help us change the way people view retirement. Our response: Goosebumps.
Audley Retirement villages have to be seen to be believed, but it’s the exceptional service that their people deliver that really sets them apart. Our employer brand captured what it means to work for such a game-changing business, the strengths you needed as an employee and what you could expect in return. The brand, and the promise that underpins it, were then used to engage with talent externally, and to define – and build on – the current culture, helping everyone to grow and develop. That’s led to some pretty incredible results in less than a year, including lower dropout rates, reduced agency spend, increased employee engagement scores and, most impressively, huge business growth.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Audley employer brand might be as stale as the dinners they serve to their guests, but you’d be very much mistaken on both counts. Audley is changing the way people view retirement, and engaging with current and future talent is key to its big plans for business growth over the next 10 years.

Our discovery stage involved people from right across the business and at every level. This was key, especially in areas like Care, where Audley is pushing to improve careers and benefits for carers in complete contrast to the rest of the industry – hence our care hashtag #Respect4carers. The propositions and promise were tested thoroughly, and even had input from the CEO himself, who ensured they were inclusive as well as inspirational.

Launched internally and externally, the employer brand has redefined what it means to work for Audley, and created a brand that was so slick, it led to a new consumer brand too. Over the first six months after launch, our brand ‘The Audley way’ has underpinned:

  • An employer brand toolkit full of creative to engage and attract the right people
  • The launch of a new careers website that lives and breathes the new brand
  • The creation of internal engagement comms to educate and engage with existing teams
  • New assessment questions and interview process, created around our six propositions (Pride, Warm, Empathetic, Exceptional, Game changing and Growing).
  • The development of a streamlined recruitment process to improve candidate experience and efficiency
  • The launch of the Audley Online Academy, which supports training and boosts engagement
  • The employer conference and employee awards

Already, we’ve seen some fantastic results from our hard work. Cost per hire has dropped by £600 and recruitment spend has remained the same despite a 32% increase in the number of hires. Dropout before day one has fallen by 12% and turnover by 5%. In care, that figure has dropped even further by 19%. And the benefits don’t stop there. 100% of candidates said they would recommend us to a friend after the interview stage. Agency spend has been reduced by 26%. Managers have more time and employee engagement scores have all increased. Oh, and revenue has doubled.

And, to top it all off, the Audley picked up the award for best employer brand at the Personnel Today Awards, Recruitment Marketing Awards and Inhouse Recruitment Awards, proving the creative was just as exceptional as Audley itself.