The Economist Group - Where people drive progress

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The Economist Group (TEG) pursues progress for individuals, organisations and the world. As a brand, you’ve no doubt heard of The Economist, but there are three other businesses renowned for giving people across the globe the insights they need to tackle the critical challenges facing our world. Technology is key to them all, as is TEG’s new technology hub in Gurugram, India. Low brand awareness and high competition for talent in the region was making recruitment tricky though.

Interviews with senior leadership and focus group with the Gurugram team clearly demonstrated just how important the tech team’s work was to the future of the organisation, and unearthed lots of fantastic stories too. Our role was to tell these stories and demonstrate how people in Gurugram were driving progress inside and outside of TEG.

We used big data to define the right media channels, and we followed a three-stage strategic funnel to maximise engagement and ROI. Stage one, Connect, focused on brand building and awareness, introducing TEG to talent across multiple channels. Stage two, Consider, kept the conversation going in different ways across social media and their careers website. Finally, stage three, Convert, used short video stings featuring TEG people to re-target warm candidates and convert them into applications.

Throughout the campaign, week by week, we actively monitored the effectiveness of each asset and adapted our media strategy to increase brand awareness and ROI.

Our campaign, Where people drive progress, delivered incredible results, targeting talent via location, contextual, behavioural, keyword, company, skills, interest and white list targeting across Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify channels and programmatic channels.

Indeed, in one month and with a media budget of £7.3k, we generated 392,585 clicks from 3,143,894 impressions, successfully raising the profile of TEG as a tech recruiter amongst the technology community in India. That’s an incredible average click through rate (ACTR) of 12.49%. Our Convert stage adverts had an ACTR of 25.58%, which is one of the reasons why on Programmatic, Twitter and Facebook we smashed industry benchmarks, the latter two by more than 20%.

Best of all, TEG recruited 12 new team members in Gurugram at a cost per hire over £20k less than the industry average. TEG also reported a drop in employee attrition too, which is why the campaign is now being rolled out globally to help them recruit talent in the UK and US.