Internal Communications has evolved. Once a glorified news service, IC is now tasked with driving business performance, managing multiple on and offline channels, and engaging with a hugely diverse audience that could span up to four generations. All of which means your common or garden newsletter doesn't quite cut it anymore. That's why, before we get the crayons out, we really get to grips with your business challenges and objectives, so we can produce comms that deliver results.


We provide strategic support and advice to businesses looking to set up, evolve or overhaul their internal communications function, goals or channels. As part of this service we run a full assessment of your current internal comms, and help you evolve your IC function into a performance-driving, people-engaging machine.

Channel & content creation

What are the best channels to reach your audience? How do they want to consume information? How do we measure success? Whether you're looking to create a magazine or a simple poster campaign, a digital platform or a giant inflatable lama (come on, you know you want one!), we've got you covered. And, once the channels are in place, we can also help you to create engaging content that helps you make a connection with your audience and inspires them to act.