Audley -
D&I starts here

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Like many organisations, Audley Group have been on a journey over the last few years to improve diversity, equality and inclusion within their business. Early on, it was clear to their CEO Nick Sanderson, that to achieve a truly inclusive and diverse workforce, Audley Group would need to start by reflecting on themselves from the top-down. And that’s exactly what they did, exploring ways that they could continue to develop and embed a diverse workforce and a culture that underpins their commitment as a business.

CA3 have been proudly supporting Audley Group since they started their journey, which began with the creation of a DE&I steering group, and now has progressed to touch every area of their organisation and the employee lifecycle.

From ensuring simple things like gender neutral copy in job descriptions and advertising, to the creation of new employee resource groups and helping them find their voice, our creative and strategic support has been as inspiring and diverse as the people in our communications (such as the lovely Pride video you can see above). We’ve helped them create a more inclusive annual employee awards (not to mention a kick-ass lipdub video to launch it). We've built trust with those same employees, who, for the first time, were asked to share DE&I data as part of a company-wide survey. And, we’ve even helped them to communicate how, as a values-led company, their values can be used to champion change, and build an organisation that enriches the lives of exceptional people from every walk of life.

And though Audley’s journey is far from finished, feedback from employees has been hugely positive, 93% of people asserting that are proud to work for Audley Group. Female representation on the board has increased, as has BAME representation across the business. Alongside this, new initiatives such as menopause friendly registration, racial equality tea break talks and a DE&I calendar are all helping to improve inclusivity for all.