Kerry Foods -

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After their employee survey highlighted the need for a more regular news update, Kerry Foods asked us to create a cost-effective solution to suit their needs. They already had a number of on and offline channels in place, so rather than add another into the mix, we created the KF90. A monthly 90-second video news update that could easily be pushed across existing channels and through TVs in canteens and receptions. The KF90 goes out at the end of the month, every month, and contains news big and small from around the business. It also engages with around 80% of the workforce every month too.

Kerry Foods is a very diverse business, spread out around multiple sites within the UK and Ireland. It’s a challenge for their internal comms team to engage with everyone, which is why they’ve adopted a multi-channel approach to IC. But, when their survey pointed to a need for more regular news updates, that was our challenge – to create a new channel or format that appealed to all of Kerry Foods, whether you drove sales or a forklift, made advertisements or samosas.

It was clear to us pretty early on that a video solution would provide the best format for this news update, but the format of the video was key. It needed to engage with everyone, convey news quickly and then, shut up, letting people get on with work. Sitting at home one evening watching Channel 5, we had a eureka moment and from that the KF90 was born.

90 seconds, every month. A mix of stories both large and small, covering a huge array of stories to engage, inform and inspire. And, it’s pushed out over existing channels, as well as via the KF90 video page at the end of every month (and that includes subtitled versions in canteens and receptions).