Welcome to Flogas

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Flogas have been supplying LPG (liquid petroleum gas to you and me) to people for over 30 years and are pretty damn good at it. They're proud to hold a royal warrant, which means you can rely on the very highest standards of service, quality and excellence. So, when they were looking to create an onboarding experience of the same level, they turned to Eli and CA3.

Flogas recruit talented individuals into a wide range of roles across multiple sites across the UK. This meant Eli had to manage multiple onboarding journeys, involving content, checklists, digital forms and contracts, vetting and more. It also involved integration with their ATS Appellia, run and managed by their RPO Omni.

Eli easily took all of this in its stride, managing over 40 different journeys using its highly versatile and personalised checklist functionality. Process sorted, Eli then delivered a rich onboarding experience, full of personalised content, videos and downloads. This helped every new starter to really get under the skin of the company, no matter which area of the business they were destined for. It helped them to understand their role and responsibilities, and Flogas' values and how they could live them every day. All of which created an onboarding experience fit for a queen.

Don't just take our word for it though. Her Royal Highness, the... only joking. Eli MI paints a much clearer picture, with 97% new starter accessing the site more than once before day one and 96% of them finding it helpful. And, with an impressive 81% Line Managers having also taken responsibility for their new starters onboarding, Eli is very clearly cooking on gas (if you'll pardon the awful, awful pun).