Police Now - Influence for Generations

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When a candidate is offered a place on Police Now's graduate programme, they've already demonstrated a real commitment to their mission of transforming communities, reducing crime and increasing the public's confidence in policing. The next step is to ensure they are informed, prepared and excited to become a fully warranted police officer. That's why Police Now turned to CA3 (and our award-winning onboarding platform Eli), to deliver a personalised onboarding experience that would support candidates through this pivotal time in their police career.

Police Now recruit leaders from a wide range of degree disciplines and backgrounds to ensure that neighbourhood police officers bring with them diversity of thought to tackle some of the worst problems affecting our communities. But, as you'd expect, most of those candidates have no prior policing experience, so to help them feel fully prepared and ready for the programme, Eli stepped up.

Police Now delivered live chats with police officers, specialised content all supported by the Summer Academy and Graduate Recruitment teams. And, At Police Now's Spring Induction, they hear from Police Now's co-founder, neighbourhood police officers on the programme and experience some of the physical training. Candidates could also take mock tests to improve their knowledge and build confidence.

In parallel with this, candidates connect with participants who are currently on the programme via Eli. This gives them real insight into the type of cases and crime they will be tackling as well as the reality of the job.

By the time Police Now's candidates start their Summer Academy they are prepared both emotionally and practically for their journey ahead and excited about the positive impact they will undoubtedly make on society.

That's not just hearsay either. 100% of 2018 candidates passed their pre-learn assessment at The Summer Academy and retention rates are above 90%. 100% said they'd encourage others to join the Police Now programme and 97% said they knew what was expected of them as a Police Now participant. I don't know about you, but I feel safer already!