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GE Healthcare’s (GEHC) compliance-only approach to onboarding did little to foster a sense of connection to their company culture, strategy or objectives. And, as you’d expect from an organisation that operates in 150+ countries worldwide, it was also wildly inconsistent. This all had a negative impact on employee engagement, performance, and retention – 49% of new employees telling them it needed major work. They turned to CA3 and Eli and we began the largest onboarding roll out in our history.

Developed with their people, not for their people, the GEHC new hire experience is offered in eight languages and 150+ countries worldwide. The responsive portal is by the side of every new hire (and their People Leader) at every moment that matters, and helps GEHC to more quickly capitalize on their new employees’ skills and knowledge, and drive more positive business outcomes.

Globally, 92% of new hires (and 74% People Leaders) from Chile to China have engaged with the portal giving it an average rating of 4.8/5. On average new hires return to the portal 5 times before day one, spending 8m 09s each time they do. Internally, the percentage of ‘engaged’ employees increased by 10% between 2019 and 2021. GEHC research has attributed this rise to new joiners, who are by far the most engaged group of employees (over medium and long term tenure).

88% of new talent felt more engaged, informed, and aligned to the organisation in Week One and 81% felt the portal helped them onboard more quickly as of Month 1. Most crucially, in less than 16 months, GEHC have tracked a reduction in voluntary attrition within the first 12 months of employment by a huge 24%. This has resulted in cost avoidance of over $8 millon. Music to any CFO’s ears!