Global Onboarding

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Rolls-Royce operates in 50 countries around the world and historically each of these managed onboarding in their own way. It was inconsistent, complicated and didn't represent the Rolls-Royce brand, known around the world for its pioneering spirit.

RR mobilised a global team with the aim of creating a market-leading solution for the whole business. A solution that would deliver a personalised experience to every new starter around the world, engage with line managers (and buddies), and set their new people up for success. Since its launch, it's been doing just that – powered by our award-winning onboarding platform, Eli.

As projects go, this was on the hugely gigantic side, but the entire team remained focussed on one key objective: Our joining experience will be innovative, inspiring & empowering, and allow our new talent to be engaged, informed and set up for success.

Global collaboration was necessary from the start. It required integration with their ATS and insightful reporting, alongside a robust governance framework to ensure the onboarding process was successful and the experience on-brand. To make sure all key parties were brought on the journey and had the support they needed, training was provided to the HR community, hiring managers, Shared Services and RR's recruitment partner, AMS. And, regular meetings were held with regional representatives to inspire the global team to deliver an innovative, market-leading leading solution.

That solution was A pioneering technology platform that delivered a personalised onboarding experience, by tailoring the process and the content that each person received – a bespoke website full of everything they needed to start their RR career with a bang. Tools that started conversation and encouraged team building. An experience that prepared people for their new role and supported them after they started so that they could excel.

And, since its launch it's been delivering some exceptional results too. Rolls-Royce has seen huge increases in their Net Promoter Scores (Joining experience now rated at +52 and company rated at +75!), as well as more engaged and better prepared new starters. 95% of line managers now feel they have the right tools and support to deliver a great onboarding experience. And, after one year HR teams have saved over 3 months of admin time, allowing them to focus on value add activities. It's no wonder we've been lucky enough to be nominated in the RADS, IHR Awards, CIPDPMAs and RMAs (twice), where we picked up the Best Technology Award too.