USS - Next Generation Thinking

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USS, and the fabulous people who work there, shape the future of the UK's largest private pension scheme (by way of assets) on behalf of their members (including university lecturers and support staff). They're a team of experts and professionals who come together to deliver innovative solutions that deliver long-term benefits to the people who inspire the next generation of thinkers. The employer brand we developed had to be just as innovative, raising their profile as an employer and creating a consistent employer brand journey from first contact to application, assessment to onboarding.

The USS initiative was a huge team effort, involving droves of people from USS and their RPO partner Omni, to help bring their EVP to life at every stage of the candidate journey.

Next generation thinking, the distillation of their employer promise, became the focal point of all USS employer brand comms. This wasn't just a catchy slogan, but the way we approached every element of the recruitment process, such as their careers website that used geolocation to serve content and jobs appropriate to a candidate's location, and their application and assessment process, where Omni were busy ensuring the candidate experience was second to none.

At the same time, CA3 were also helping to define the new USS onboarding process, delivered by Eli. Its award-winning functionality enabled them to continue the brand-led, immersive experience, after top talent said 'yes'.

Eli integrated with their ATS and USS made good use of Eli's digital forms functionality, reducing admin and ensuring the business had everything they needed to get every new employee off to a flying start.

And the results of creating such a consistent employer brand and onboarding experience speak for themselves. 100% of new employees access their onboarding portal and spend over 9 minutes on the site each time they do (which is a rather fabulous 11 times before day one)! Line manager and buddy engagement is just as high, with 100% of them accessing their onboarding area of Eli too. 97% of candidates rated their experience of using the Eli onboarding system as highly positive. 100% of candidates rated their first 90 days at USS as Good or Excellent and 100% would recommend USS as a great place to work, all of which has helped drive down dropout and attrition and improve referral rates. Finally, over the last two year, by working with USS and Omni to enhance and leverage their employer brand, together we have generated over £400k in cost-savings. The icing on the cake for us – Best Candidate Experience at the IHR awards!